English Test

1) Where_______you from?

2) I_______up at 8 o'clock every morning.

3) _______down and be quiet please!

4) There were only a few_______at the party.

5) _______sister lives in Italy.

6) _______English people love fish and chips.

7) Do you want to come to the disco with_______?

8) Read this sign here, not_______one over there!

9) When_______Julia come back from her holidays?

10) _______are lots of beautiful places in England.

11) How_______money have you got?

12) _______English is better than mine.

13) His parents are_______.

14) I hate_______to get up early.

15) The teacher doesn't_______us homework every day.

16) _______is your favourite food?

17) I came_______England to improve my English.

18) You_______all go to London next weekend.

19) We_______really impressed by Big Ben.

20) We had a rugby tournament and unfortunately our team came_______.

21) I cried when my friend_______

22) Andy_______to go to the cinema tonight.

23) I don't_______watch TV.

24) I love your coat! It is_______than mine.

25) What a terrible day! This is the_______day of my life!

26) Never_______such a beautiful sunset!

27) _______at the moment. I think, I'll go out for a walk.

28) _______probably go swimming this afternoon.

29) I'd_______go to bed than watch the late night film, I'm quite tired this evening.

30) We need to go to the supermarket as there is only_______milk left.

31) The shop_______for an hour when they arrived.

32) If it rains, we_______have the barbeque.

33) I_______at home when my friend came to see me.

34) If you are under 18 you_______to buy alcohol in England.

35) We bought some sweets_______on our journey.

36) I_______popcorn! It's my favourite snack.

37) 'In a fortnight' means:_______

38) If you_______pick them up from their house, they would like to come.

39) The pizza_______to perfection. We ate too much in the Italian restaurant that night.

40) Alex_______come to Dartmoor with us on Saturday, but he's not sure yet.

41) I would like to give you the job when you finish school, but do you think_______enough work experience by then?

42) _______I start a full time job I would like to travel the world.

43) I fell off a ladder a few years ago and I have been scared of heights ever_______.

44) If the manager's team had lost, he_______resigned.

45) I think we should go on holiday to Spain,_______you have a better idea.

46) We have only been staying in Exmouth_______Friday.

47) I was excited about going to America to see my cousin, as I_______him for fifteen years.

48) 'If you work hard, you will pass all your exams!', I_______.

49) I_______to live in Scotland, but now I live in Germany.

50) My friend promised_______me that evening.

51) I asked_______.

52) He went to the garage_______.

53) 'You were driving too fast_______you?', said the policeman.

54) It_______cold last night because the ground is icy.

55) She was very sporty when she was younger, maybe she_______a famous athlete.

56) I worked all last summer, but I wish I_______gone on holiday instead.

57) When I passed my driving test I was over the_______.

58) Where on_______did you put your keys?

59) I like him because he makes me_______

60) You shouldn't wear those dirty shoes in the house!_______